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hotel paracas peru

Experience Adventure & Luxury in Hotel Paracas Peru

Do you ever dream of Arabian night? Having a romantic dinner in the oasis of desert? Enjoy the dining experience in the desert providing by Hotel Paracas in Peru. Before sunset, the guests of the Hotel Paracas will have the opp...

Treasure on The Beach. Glass Beach – Mendocino, California

Kiddos , have you ever dreamed of a treasure hunt ? If the answer is never, it’s the time , Kiddos . Follow me to Glass Beach in Mendocino, California. Along the coast you will find the jewels in various colors . Scattere...

antelope canyon

Mysterious and Beautiful Antelope Canyon

Have you ever been to another planet ? If your answer is never , I would invite you to look at a place that looks like an alien planet. Where is the place, Kiddos? Yeah , Antelope Canyon . Mysterious and beautiful at the same t...