Left Your Worries, Bring Curiosity and Excitement



Beautiful Keukenhof Garden

Keukenhof Garrden is the largest flower garden in the world. Can you guess how many flower in Keukenhof, Kiddos? Approximately 7 million flowers bulb are planted annually in the area of two hectares full with fragrance and colo...

alp dolomites italy landscapes

Stunning Landscapes of Dolomites – Italy

Kiddos, if you want to see the painting that God draw himself on great canvas, you can look at the stunning landscapes of Dolomites mountains in Italy. They originated on the sea bed millions of years ago, while today towers an...

Casa de Penedo

Casa de Penedo – Flinstones House in Portugal

Wanna see Flinstones House in the real modern life, Kiddos? You could visit Casa de Penedo or “House of Stone” in Portugal. Located in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal (about 10 kilometers northeast of Fafeā€...

atlantic ocean highway

Amazing Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

Can you imagine driving your car on the roaring Atlantic ocean? You can if you drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway. That will be the most amazing driving experience you ever have. But guess what! You can use the road not...