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Mysterious and Beautiful Antelope Canyon

Posted November 17, 2012 by travel kiddo in Destinations

Have you ever been to another planet ? If your answer is never , I would invite you to look at a place that looks like an alien planet. Where is the place, Kiddos? Yeah , Antelope Canyon . Mysterious and beautiful at the same time.

Why named Antelope Canyon ? Maybe because it looks like the Antelope horns . – Threaded screw . That is also why it named Corkscrew Canyon. The rocks formed from water and wind erosion mainly by flash flooding for thousands years. Therefore to enter this area you must use the services of a guide for your safety .

antelope canyon

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

Located near Page , Arizona , southwestern U.S. Located in the area of ​​the Navajo land , Native American tribes .

This place is very famous for both tourists and photographers. Antelope Canyon is consist of Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon . The photos that you see most often comes from the Upper Antelope Canyon . Upper Antelope Canyon is more sandy and flatter than both. And certainly the most popular .

antelope canyon tour

While the lower Antelope Canyon , must be accessed using the stairs . Lower Antelope Canyon is more difficult to navigate . Longer, narrower than the upper Antelope Canyon . Although so still quite a lot of photographers who come there but much less touristy .

antelope canyon stairs

Not only photographers and tourists who are interested in coming here . But also the filmmakers . For you fans of the movies , of course, had to watch Broken Arrow and Raven Hawk . And there are many films that are made here .

The Best Time for Visiting Antelope Canyon

antelope canyon beam

The best time to take pictures is early morning or late afternoon. And the best beams was taken in the summer, which would require the sun high in the sky. The best months for the beam is mid-March through September.

Photos sources: Moyan Brenn, Koen Schepers, Benjamin Dumas

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