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Treasure on The Beach. Glass Beach – Mendocino, California

Posted November 20, 2012 by travel kiddo in Destinations

Kiddos , have you ever dreamed of a treasure hunt ? If the answer is never, it’s the time , Kiddos . Follow me to Glass Beach in Mendocino, California.

glass beach usa

Along the coast you will find the jewels in various colors . Scattered along the coastline , like a rush abandoned by pirates . But this is not a dream , and this is also not jewels but the sea glass with a variety of colors but no less beautiful.

glass beach fort bragg

Do you know , where does the sea glasses come from? From garbage. True , from the garbage . In the late 1940s , the area around Glass Beach is a public landfill . In 1967, the place was closed .

glass beach california

glass beach 2

Decades later , the waves had been smooth and polish the glass waste to be like the jewels. Unbelievable what nature has done to make human mistakes into something beautiful .

glass beach california

glass beach mendocino california

Well , speaking of the treasure hunt. Do not ever take the sea glass from the beach because the Park Rangers will rebuke you. It is ironic that it used to prohibited from throwing a glass to the beach, now prohibited from carrying away the glasses from the beach.

glass beach 3

But if you’re dying to collect some sea glass. Walk to the south, you will find its way down to Glass Beach which has many beautiful glasses. It’s okay to take a few of sea glass.

glass beach

Images credit to: Johnkay, Mamojo, Mlhradio, Photoscot

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